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The word ‘atom’ is derived from the Greek word ___________.
A) Atomic
B) Atomos
C) Atomey
D) Atomoney

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Hint: Atom is the smallest thing or we can say that it is the first basic component for the formation of any chemical species in the universe or we can say that when we divide any chemical species we will get atoms at last.

Complete answer:
The word ‘atom’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Atomos’ which means uncuttable i.e. it will not be divided into more small parts. As by the combination of many atoms, molecules will form; and by the combination of many molecules elements will form and by the combination of many elements compounds will form. Atom was discovered by Greek philosopher Democritus around 450 B.C. Size of an atom is extremely small and it is measured in picometers, usually their size is approximately equal to 100 picometer.

So the correct answer is B).

Additional Information: In atoms majorly two things are present which are nucleus and orbitals around nucleus.
Atoms consist of protons (positively charged particle), electrons (negatively charged particle) and neutrons (neutral particles).
Neutrons and protons are present inside the nucleus, & electrons are present around the nucleus in the orbitals.
Atomic number of an atom is equal to the no. of protons present inside the nucleus and atomic mass is equal to the sum of the no. of protons and neutrons present inside the nucleus of that atom.

Note: In this question you may give the wrong answer when you have no idea about the definition of atom or meaning of given Greek words. As the meaning of atom is related to atom, similarly words anatomy and atomoney also related to atom but not give exact definition of atom.