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The water of the Luni river is ________.
A. Fresh
B. Fresh in upper reaches and salty in the lower reaches
C. Salty
D. Fresh in the rainy season and salty in other seasons

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Hint- The luni river originates from the Naga hills of the Aravalli range located within the Ajmer district of Rajasthan from a height of 772 meters. Here it's popularly referred to as sagarmati. The water of this river begins to show saline from the rich salt content within the soil. afterward only it's termed as Luni.

Complete answer:
The Luni river has freshwater during its flow for the primary 100 kilometers. As soon because it reaches Balotra town in Barmer, 110 km southwest of Jodhpur city located in Rajasthan, the water begins turning saline. The river loses its natural flow likewise as carries the commercial waste and domestic sewage because of which the water becomes unfit to be used.
Luni River or The Luni or the Salt River (Lonari or Lavanavari in the Sanskrit language) is called so since its water is brackish below Balotra.
The Luni geographical region is around 37,363 km², which has all or parts of districts like Ajmer, Barmer , Jalore , Jodhpur, Nagaur , Pali , in addition as Sirohi districts of Rajasthan and also the Banaskantha and also the Patan districts of northern Gujarat. the most tributaries of this river are the Sukri , Mithri , Bandi , Khari , Jawai , Guhiya and Sagi from the left, and therefore the Jojari
from the proper. The river begins near Ajmer within the Pushkar valley of the western Aravalli Range at an elevation of around 550m. At this time, the river is additionally referred to as the Sagarmati. Then river the flows within the southwest direction through the hills moreover as plains of the Marwar region located in
Rajasthan. The river flows towards the south-west and enters the Thar Desert before dissipating into the Rann of Kutch , traversing a sum of 495 km. In spite of the high salinity of the river, it's a significant river within the region and is a main source of irrigation. The Luni River isn't considerably saline until it reaches Balotra , where high salt content within the soil has control over the river. The Luni may are the southern portion of the historic Ghaggar- Hakra river channel.
Thus, Option A is that the correct answer.

Note- Rivers like Jawai, Sukri, Guhiya, Bandi, and Jojari are the most tributaries of the Luni river. The Jojari is that the one and only tributary which merges towards the right bank of the river while the other 10 tributaries reach its Left Bank. All of the tributaries except the Jojari originate from the Aravalli hills.

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