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The Vindhya Range is located between _______________.
A) Gujarat and Bihar
B) Rajasthan and West Bengal
C) Gujarat and West Bengal
D) Maharashtra and Bihar

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The Vindhya Range (also identified as Vindhyachal) is a quite complex, sporadic chain of mountain crests, hill arrays, plateaus, and highland cliffs in west-central India. Theoretically, the Vindhyas do not form a single mountain series in the geological sense.

Complete answer:
The precise scope of the Vindhyas is roughly demarcated, and traditionally, the term enclosed a figure of discrete hill systems in central India, counting the one that is now identified as the Satpura Range. Currently, the term primarily refers to the cliff that runs north of and almost parallel to the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh and its hilly annexes. Provisional to the explanation, the range spreads up to Gujarat in the west, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in the north, and Chhattisgarh in the east. The Vindhyas have a huge importance in Indian folklore and memoirs. Numerous primaeval transcripts remark the Vindhyas as the southern frontier of the Āryāvarta, the land of the ancient Indo-Aryan citizens. Although nowadays Indo-Aryan tongues are vocalized south of the Vindhyas, the range remains to be cogitated as the conventional border sandwiched between north and south India. The previous Vindhya Pradesh was termed after the Vindhya Range.

Thus, option (A) is correct.

The Vindhyas do not form a solitary range in the appropriate geological sense: the hills, jointly identified as the Vindhyas, do not lie along an anticlinal or synclinal ridge. The Vindhya range is actually a cluster of a sporadic chain of mountain elevations, hill ranges, plateaus, and highland cliffs. The term "Vindhyas" is defined by resolution, and hence, the precise explanation of the Vindhya range has differed at separate times in history.