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The value of gas constant in ${\rm{Joule/K}}{\rm{.mole}}$ is:
A. $8.314$
B. $8.314 \times {10^7}$
C. $1.987$
D. $0.0821$

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Hint: We know that the ideal gas equation is the combination of five different quantities; these are pressure, volume, temperature, gas constant, and number of moles of that given solution.

Complete step by step answer:
Generally, the ideal gas equation is famous as general gas law and it is a hypothetical law which is used for identifying the behavior of gas under several standard or specific conditions. The equation used for the ideal gas equation is depicted below.
\[{\rm{PV}} = {\rm{nRT}}\]
Where, ${\rm{P}}$ is the atmospheric pressure and in case of standard pressure the value of pressure is ${\rm{1}}\;{\rm{atm}}$, ${\rm{V}}$ is the volume of the given solution, ${\rm{n}}$ is the number of moles of the solution, ${\rm{R}}$ is the gas constant, and ${\rm{T}}$ is the temperature in case of standard temperature the value of temperature is ${\rm{273}}\;{\rm{K}}$.
The value of gas constant in ${\rm{Joule/K}}{\rm{.mole}}$ is $8.314$. The significance of universal gas constant usually depends on the units or components of the measurement. It is commonly independent of the gas's nature, from the pressure of the gas, and the temperature of the gas.

Therefore, the correct choice for this given question is A.

Generally, in the ideal gas equation the value of gas constant is needed for calculating the unknown quantity of that equation. The ideal gas equation is \[{\rm{PV}} = {\rm{nRT}}\].