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The valency of Cu in cuprous chloride (${ Cu }_{ 2 }{ Cl }_{ 2 }$) is 1.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:To find the valency of copper first you need to write the electronic configuration and don’t confuse yourself with the molecular formula given, you can write it as CuCl.

Complete step by step answer:
- ${ Cu }_{ 2 }{ Cl }_{ 2 }$ is the dimeric formula of CuCl.
So, solving the valency of Cu in CuCl will be a lot easier to understand for us.
-Now, Copper (Cu) belongs to the 4th period and 11th group in the periodic table.
Electronic configuration of copper can be written as,
Cu (29)− [Ar] $3d^{ 10 }4s^{ 1 }$
-In the case of CuCl, the electron is lost from the 4s orbital, which is the outermost orbital.
-Here, in ${ Cu }_{ 2 }{ Cl }_{ 2 }$ or indeed CuCl the oxidation state of Cu is +1, which makes the valency equal to 1.
-Since each of the ${ Cl }^{ - }$ ions has a -1 charge and the stoichiometry is 1:1.
Hence, we can say that the valency of Cu in cuprous chloride (${ Cu }_{ 2 }{ Cl }_{ 2 }$) is 1.

Therefore, we can conclude that the correct answer to this question is option A.

Copper being a transition metal exhibits variable valencies of 1 and 2. Copper forms two types of chlorides - cuprous chloride, ${ Cu }_{ 2 }{ Cl }_{ 2 }$, and cupric chloride, $CuCl_{ 2 }$.