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The total number of railway stations in Tamil Nadu is ___________.
A. 410
B. 532
C. 586
D. 607

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Hint: 1. Tamil Nadu has a transportation system that connects all parts of the state.
2. The state is additionally a terminus for the Golden Terminus Project.
3. Tamil Nadu incorporates a well developed rail network as a part of Southern Railway.

Complete Answer:
Southern Railway’s present network extends over an outsized area of India’s Southern Peninsula, covering the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and a little portion of Andhra Pradesh. Serving these naturally plentiful and culturally rich southern states, the Southern Railway extends from Mangalore on the geographical area and Kanyakumari within the south to Renigunta within the North West and Gudur within the North East.

Southern Railway has the following six divisions:
a.Chennai railway division
b. Madurai railway division
c Palakkad railway division
d.Salem railway division
Thiruvananthapuram railway division
Tiruchirappalli railway division

Tamil Nadu has 532 railway stations with a railway track length of 5,932 km. The stations are well connected to the foremost major cities in India. Main rail junctions within the state include Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Tiruchirapalli and Tirunelveli. The stations that are upgraded to A1 grade are Chennai Central, Chennai Egmore, Madurai Junction and Coimbatore stations. There are local sheds also located at Erode, Arakkonam, Royapuram in Chennai and Ponmalai in Tiruchirapalli as Diesel Loco Shed.

Hence the correct answer is option B.

Note: 1. Chennai features a well developed suburban terminal and also developing a metro.
2. The biggest railway station of Tamil Nadu is Tiruchirapalli Junction.
3. The headquarters of Southern Railway was at Tiruchirapalli but it later shifted to Chennai.