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The total length of town panchayat roads in Tamil nadu is over_______
(A) Over 9,000 Kms
(B) Over 10,000 Kms
(C) Over 11,000 Kms
(D) Over 15,000 kms

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: In Tamil Nadu, the Highways and Minor Ports Department (HMPD) is principally answerable for the development and maintenance of streets and roads including public roadways, public thruways, and significant area roads. HMPD was set up as the Highways Department (HD) in April 1946 and thus renamed on 30 October 2008.

Complete answer: . HMPD It works through seven wings to be specific National Highways Wing, Construction and Maintenance Wing, NABARD and Rural Roads Wing, Projects Wing, Metro Wing, Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project Wing, Investigation and Designs Wing topographically spread across the state in 32 regions with around 120 divisions and 450 developments.
As on 30 June 2018, Tamil Nadu's road network has an absolute street length of 199,040 km (123,680 mi). Tamil Nadu has around 17,154 km (10,659 mi) of roadways which are assigned as National Highways and State Highways based on traffic force and availability.

Option D is correct answer

Note: The road extends which have heavy traffic force of in excess of 30,000 Passenger Car Units (PCUs) associating distinctive state capitals, significant ports, enormous linking territories and places of interest are assigned National Highway by Government of India. In Tamil Nadu, the National Highways Wing of Highways and Minor Ports Department was set up in the year 1971 to take care of crafts by improving, keeping up and restoring National Highways set somewhere around the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). Public Highways wing practices focal government assets from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for development work. Out of 25 National Highways in Tamil Nadu, 12 parkways totally exist in the state.