The term ‘Olpad’ in ‘Olpad Thresher’ is named on the name of
A) Scientist
B) Village
C) Laborer
D) Farmer

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Hint:Olpad thresher is farm equipment which is a very simple and easily operated by man. It is used for threshing the wheat crop, so that is why it is mainly called a wheat thresher.

Complete answer:
>Threshing is defined as the process by which grains are detached from the plant.
>The name of the olpad is the name of a village in Gujarat.
>Olpad thresher consists of 14 to 21 plain or serrated disks which are mounted on the rectangular wooden or iron frame in three axles with bearings, on which seat is provided.
>It is operated by the bullock’s pair and has the output value of 45Kg of grains per hour.
>This thresher has three or four wheelers for easy movement.
>The threshing process is quite slow but efficient and cheap.
>After the threshing the entire material becomes a mixture of grain and ‘bhusa’ (chaff) which is homogeneous in nature.
Hence option B is the correct answer.

Note:The main objective to use the olpad thresher for threshing is to achieve the high amount grains without much loss.
There are six main components of the thresher: Feeding unit, Threshing unit, cleaning unit, power transmission, main frame and transport unit.