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The term atomic age was coined by which of the following eminent scientists?
A. Alfred Nobel
B. Rutherford
C. William L. lawrence
D. Benjamin Franklin

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Hint: The atomic age is known as the age when the first nuclear weapon explosion took place. This was the incident when the Trinity test was conducted on 16th July 1945.

Complete answer:
The term atomic age was coined by William .L Lawrence during World War II. He was the only person to observe the Trinity test as well as bombings in Nagasaki. This age was called the atomic age because of the first atom bomb testing. Later the Hirishima and Nagasaki bombings took place which ended the Second World War. The Nuclear bomb was seen as a symbol of modernity and progress but the beginning of the atomic era could also be frightening for the future.
With the increase in nuclear developments, there could be risks for cold war, nuclear war and nuclear disasters to happen. It is very difficult to separate the peaceful uses of nuclear power for the military and terrorist uses. The United States Atomic Energy Commission announced in 1973 that one thousand nuclear reactors would be able to provide electricity to houses and businesses. However while executing this there arose several social problems like disposal of nuclear waste, safety of the citizens and many others. Many plants had to be cancelled.

Option C is the correct answer.

Looking at the options:
Option A: Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. Hence this is an incorrect answer.
Option B: Ernest Rutherford suggested the structure of the atom and discovered the alpha and beta rays. Hence this is incorrect.
Option C: William L. Lawrence was an American journalist who witnessed both the Trinity test and the atomic bombings at Nagasaki. This is the correct answer.
Option D: Benjamin Franklin invented the famous lightning rod. Hence this is an incorrect answer.

The nuclear power industry has developed a lot with time. They have improved for the better. However the risks that remain are very high and there is no guarantee that the reactor will be designed and constructed properly. Germany and Japan announced that they will phase out the use of nuclear power by 2022 and 2030 respectively.