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The State having the least population in India is ____________.
A) Sikkim
B) Assam
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Madhya Pradesh

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The state with less area also has a low population compared to the other states with more geographical area and more population. The state with the least population in India lies in the northern or the north-eastern region.

Complete answer:
The state with the least population in India lies in the north-eastern region. The total geographical area of this state is 7,110 sq. km. The total population of this state according to the total geographical area is 610,577. This is the state of Sikkim. It has been a state in India since 1975. The neighbouring states and countries of Sikkim are Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and West Bengal. It has the second smallest land size compared to the other states of India and the smallest number of people. Mount Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest mountain in the world, is located in Sikkim. Its height is 8,597 m or 28,205 ft above the sea level. The languages which are spoken here are Sikkimese, Lepcha, Tibetan, Nepali, Hindi and English. Gayzing, Pelling, Yuksam and Jorethang are the big cities and Gangtok is the capital. In this small organized state, tourism makes a lot of money as it is not close to the sea. Sikkim people mainly have Nepalese ancestry; it also has Bhutias and Lepchas.

Thus, option (A) is correct.

Sikkim was settled by the Tibetans in the 16th century. In 1890, it became a British Protectorate. The British transferred Sikkim to India in the year 1949 and it was annexed in the year 1975.