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The smallest composite number is:
\[{\text{A}}{\text{. }}2\]
${\text{B}}{\text{. 4}}$
${\text{C}}{\text{. 1}}$
${\text{D}}{\text{. None of these}}$

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Hint: A composite number has more than two factors.

As we know that a composite number is a whole number that can be made by multiplying other whole numbers except one
Also by definition of prime numbers 2 is a prime number so that’s not a composite number
And 1 is neither prime nor composite.
Hence we only have 4 in the given options which can be made by $2 \times 2\times 1$
which clearly shows that it has more than two factors (4,2,1)
So 4 is a composite number
Hence answer is option ${\text{B}}$.

Note: In this question it is important to be aware of definitions of prime and composite number. Then, we can observe all the given options to get the answer. We must also note that every number greater than 1 is either prime or composite.

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