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The size of the human population is a cause for concern. Why?

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: When a population of organisms reaches carrying capacity, the environment becomes adversely affected.

Complete answer:Human overpopulation is a situation when there are too many people for the environment to sustain because the resources are limited in the environment e.g. food, drinkable water, breathable air etc. Hence, the sustainability of the environment gets compromised.
This situation is also called a population overshoot. More scientifically, overshoot occurs when the density of the human population of a geographical area exceeds the area’s carrying capacity. It damages the environment faster than it is repaired by nature. Hence, it gradually leads to an ecological and societal collapse.
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It is commonly believed that unchecked population growth may eventually cause an environmental catastrophe, but it is an understandable fear. Apparently, it seems that as our population has increased, the environment's health has decreased. Some scientists have coined a new term to describe the present situation- the ‘Anthropocene’ epoch. This Anthropocene period is named because of the dominant influence of humans and their activities.

Note: The major reasons behind increased population density include inadequate sexual education, increase in the number of young unmarried mothers, high fertility rates and improper birth control provisions.