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The simplified value of $\dfrac{{10.24 \div 1.6}}{{20 - 19.8}}$is
A. 1.6
B. 3.2
C. 16
D. 32

Last updated date: 14th Jun 2024
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Hint: According to the question, we have to simplify the value of given expression $\dfrac{{10.24 \div 1.6}}{{20 - 19.8}}$ So, first of all we have to simplify both numerator and denominator by using division and subtraction respectively of given expression $\dfrac{{10.24 \div 1.6}}{{20 - 19.8}}$ and then we get a fraction in the form of $\dfrac{a}{b}$.
So, first of all we have to understand the division and subtraction rule of any numbers which is mentioned below.
Division rule: In the process of division, the number which is divided is called dividend. The number which is dividing is called the divisor. The number of times the divisor divides dividend is quotient and the number left over after division is called remainder. Division is defined by divide sign $\left( \div \right)$.
Subtraction rule: Subtraction is an arithmetic operation that represents the operation of removing objects from a collection. The result of a subtraction is called a difference. Subtraction is defined by the Minus sign $\left( - \right)$.
Now, we have to simplify that fraction $\left( {\dfrac{a}{b}} \right)$ to obtain the desired value.

Complete step by step solution:
Step 1: As given in the question the expression is $\dfrac{{10.24 \div 1.6}}{{20 - 19.8}}$
So, first of all we have to simplify both the numerator and denominator of the expression mentioned just above by using division and subtraction respectively.
Step 2: In this step we have to divide the terms on the numerator which can be divided easily Hence,
$ \Rightarrow \dfrac{{6.4}}{{20 - 19.8}}$
Step 3: Now, we have to subtract the terms which can be subtracted easily hence, on solving the expression as obtained in the solution step 2.
\[ \Rightarrow \dfrac{{6.4}}{{0.2}}\]
Step 4: Now, to obtain the solution we just have to divide the number in the numerator by the denominator hence,
$ \Rightarrow 32$
Hence, the simplified value of the given expression $\dfrac{{10.24 \div 1.6}}{{20 - 19.8}}$ is $32$.

Hence, the option (D) is correct.

Note: It is necessary to know about the division and subtraction method which is mentioned in the solution hint to solve the given expression in the question.
It is necessary to solve the fraction carefully to obtain the correct answer.