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The scientist who found secretion of gastric juice to be under the control of the nervous system was
A. Ernest Starling
B. Reamur
C. Spallanzani
D. Both B and C

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Hint: Bayliss and Starling studied pancreatic secretion which was considered to be fully under the nervous influence at the time. They found that a blood-borne stimulation was released at any time food or acid was inserted into the duodenum, allowing the pancreas to secrete.

Complete answer: They named this drug secrein, and Starling proposed that the body generate other secretin-like compounds and proposed that such substances be named hormones in 1905. By doing so, he began a whole new biological field, which became known as endocrinology.

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Additional information: Starling gave at least four major contributions:
1. In the capillary, water is pushed out by hydrostatic pressure through the pores in the wall and pulled in by plasma protein osmotic pressure (or oncotic pressure). Approximately balancing certain opposite forces; known as Starling's Theory.
2. Hormone secretin discovery — with his brother-in-law William Bayliss - and the term hormone presentation.
3. Analyzing the operation of the heart as a pump, known as the Frank–Starling Act.
4. Several basic insights on reinal practice. Which provides proof of the presence of the antidiuretic hormone, vasopressin.

So, the Option (A) is correct

Note: The most widely related physiological observation to Starling is the law of the heart. His studies, which spent two years of his life (1910–1912), explored how the heart decreased its production in response to more blood entering the tissue, and increased the size of the chambers during filling and the anesthetized dog used this work in an academic method known as cardiovascular planning.