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The result of the Munich pact was _______.
A) The rise of Franco in Spain
B) The non-aggression treaty signed between the USSR and Germany in 1939
C) The German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939
D) V-E day
E) The Atlantic Charter

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Hint: The Munich pact was an agreement made before World War II broke out and was signed to appease to Nazi Germany’s demands so that war could be avoided which it did not succeed in achieving. Nazi Germany followed goals of expansion of its territories and establishment of totalitarian governments, so the place (Munich) is a clue to what this pact may have included and the events that surrounded it.

Complete answer: Option A: The rise of Franco had happened around the same time as to when the pact was signed and received support from Hitler. However, it was not a result of the Munich pact since this predates the pact signed in 1938, making it an incorrect answer.
Option B: The non-aggression treaty was a neutral treaty signed by USSR and Germany and not a pact was written by other countries written without consultation of the country under attack itself. The treaty remained unconnected to the Munich pact, thus it is not the correct option.
Option C: The Munich pact was signed in the year 1938 when there were tensions between Nazi Germany and Czechoslovakia because Hitler believed that the German’s (Aryans) interests had to be protected by becoming a part of Nazi Germany and the Czechs had to leave the country in a period of one month. Thus, the correct answer is Option C, that is the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939 was a result of the Munich pact. The Munich pact clearly tried to appease to Hitler’s demand for control over Czechoslovakia that was to further his empire expansion and Aryan race theory motivations. Czechoslovakia also was industrially advanced and this invasion would prove to be fruitful in furthering Hitler’s expansionist plans. The pact that was written by Italian Fascist leader, Mussolini that was strikingly similar to a previous pact written in Germany and did not even consult any Czech leaders. Hitler very soon after the signing of the Munich pact invaded Czech and marked the beginning of World War II. The pact was intended to diffuse a situation of war that was brewing between the countries during that time.
Option D: Based on this timeline Option D does not fit with the Victory in Eastern Europe (V-E Day) being the day the defeat of Germany in World War II was accepted by the Allies in 1945 that happened later and hence this is an incorrect answer too.
Option E: Similarly like option D, and the Atlantic Charter, published in 1941 by Winston Churchill and Franklin D.Roosevelt also doesn't fit with the based timeline. They wrote it listing all the different goals they wished for the world to achieve after the end of World War II. This too is an incorrect answer.
Therefore, option C is correct.

Note: The Munich pact at that time was presented by Mussolini of the Kingdom of Italy and signed by leaders of the world from Hitler, then British PM- Chamberlain and then French PM- Daladier. This was signed without consultation of the other mentioned country in the pact and catered to Hitler’s demands of expansion.