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The President of India appoints the leader of the majority party in Lok Sabha as __________.
A. Speaker
B. Vice President
C. Prime Minister
D. None of these

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The President is the main head of the state and commander in chief of armed forces. The president's primary responsibility is to protect, preserve, and defend India's Constitution and law as part of his oath (Article 60 of the Indian Constitution). The president leads all independent constitutional entities.

Complete answer:
Option A) Speaker: The sitting members of Lok Sabha appoint the Speaker. Thus, this is an incorrect option.

Option B) Vice President: The Vice-President shall be elected indirectly by members of an electoral college consisting of members of both the Houses of Parliament following the system of Proportional Representation using a Single Transferable Vote and shall be elected by secret ballot by the Electoral Commission. Thus, this is an incorrect option.

Option C) Prime Minister: The President of India appoints the Lok Sabha majority party leader as Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is both the President of India's chief adviser and the head of the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister is the senior cabinet member in the parliamentary system of the executive branch of government.

Option D) None of these: The President of India appoints the majority party leader in Lok Sabha as a Prime minister. Thus, this is an incorrect option.

Therefore, the correct answer is B

In compliance with the Constitution, all the recommendations of the President (Article 3, Article 111, Article 274, etc., and the supervisory powers (Article 74(2), Article 78C, Article 108, Article 111, etc.) concerning the executive and legislative bodies of India shall be used. The acts of the president to be questioned in the court of law are not barred.