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The pollination by _____ is called zoophily.
A. Wind
B. Water
C. Animal
D. None of the above

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Hint: Pollination is the process of moving pollen grains from a flower's male anther to its female stigma. Any living organism, including plants, strives to produce offspring for the next generation. Plants can create offspring in a variety of ways, one of which is by producing seeds.

Complete answer:
Animals such as insects, birds, and bats, as well as water, wind, and even plants themselves, when self-pollination occurs inside a closed flower, are pollinating agents. Within a species, pollination is common. In nature and in plant breeding, pollination between species may result in hybrid offspring.
1. When animals are used to pollinate plants, this is referred to as zoophilous cross pollination.
2. Plants that pollinate by zoophilous pollination have flowers with hairy pollen grains that adhere to the body of animals.
3. When these animals come into contact with another plant's buds, they deliver pollen to the stigma.
Hence, the pollination by animals is called zoophily.

So, option C. is the correct answer.

When they are pollinated by insects, this is referred to as entomophilous cross pollination.
Anemophily, also known as wind pollination, is pollination that occurs with the assistance of the wind. This form of pollination is known as anemophilous pollination.
The pollination is done with the aid of water and is referred to as hydrophilous cross pollination.