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The \[pH\] of boiling water is \[6.4\]. This implies that boiling water is:
A.Slightly basic
B.Slightly acidic

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Hint: In boiling water, as we increase the temperature, the concentration of the products \[{H_3}{O^ + }\](acid) and \[O{H^ - }\](base) also increases. Therefore, both increases together, driving both the \[pH\] and the \[pOH\] down equal amounts. The neutral point is only 7 at \[25^\circ C\].

Complete step by step answer:
We must know that the \[pH\] of boiling water is \[6.4\]. This clearly implies that the boiling water is neutral. Hence, it is neutral. Now with an increase in its hydrogen ion concentration, the pH decreases from 7 to \[6.4\].
Also, the value of \[{K_w}\] also increases as the degree of dissociation of water increases with an increase in its temperature.

So, the answer to this question is C.

Additional Information: We have probably observed the phenomenon that when the water is boiled in a pot on a stove, the metal of the pot heats up very quickly and can burn the fingers if touched without safety. Whereas, the water may take several minutes before its temperature increases even slightly. This phenomenon can be explained in terms of hydrogen bonding as increasing the temperature of a substance means that its particles will move more quickly. However, before they can move faster, the intermolecular forces between the particles must be disrupted. And, in the case of water, these forces are strong hydrogen bonds and so a lot of energy is needed just to break the bond before the particles can start moving further apart.

Note: We must know the one unusual property of water is that its solid phase that is ice is less dense than its own liquid phase. This can be observed when ice is put into a glass of water. The ice doesn’t sink to the bottom of the glass but floats on top of the liquid.
Boiling water loses oxygen which is vital for our body. It’s the massive molecules of oxygen that have the capability to “attract” other substances and supply their transportation to the blood and every one other cell within the body. Lack of free oxygen in boiled water has no direct harm, but it's not beneficial either.