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Last updated date: 04th Dec 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

The perimeter of a regular pentagon is $ 200 $ cm. How long is each side?

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Hint: A regular pentagon can be defined as the closed figure with five equal sides. Perimeter can be defined as the sum of the sides of all the sides of the figure. Here we will use the basic mathematical operations to get the side of its length.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Given that: Perimeter of the regular pentagon $ = 200 $ cm
The Pentagon has five equal sides.
Let us assume that the length of the side be “x”
 $ 5x = 200 $
Term multiplicative at one side if moved to the opposite side then it goes to the denominator.
 $ x = \dfrac{{200}}{5} $
Find the factors of the terms in the numerator.
 $ x = \dfrac{{40 \times 5}}{5} $
Common factors from the numerator and the denominator cancel each other and therefore remove from the numerator and the denominator.
 $ x = 40 $ cm
Hence, the side of the pentagon will be $ 40 $ cm.
So, the correct answer is “ $ 40 $ cm”.

Note: Know the difference between the area and the perimeter. Area can be defined as the space occupied by the closed figure and value is measured in square units. Perimeter is the surrounding border of the closed figure and its value is measured in respective units such as meter, centimeter. Always remember that the common factors from the numerator and the denominator cancels each other.