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The percentage of carbon in bituminous and anthracite coal is:
a.) $60%\text{ }and\text{ }20%$
b.) $78%\text{ }and\text{ }94%$
c.) $90%\text{ }and\text{ }60%$
d.) $20%\text{ }and\text{ }40%$

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Hint: The bituminous coal is a type of dense black sedimentary rock. The bituminous coal has well-defined bands and contains layers of bright and dull materials. Anthracite has low smoke and ash formations, it is the best type of coal which can be used in metallurgical processes.

Complete step by step answer:
Bituminous coal consists of 78%-86% carbon. It also contains 17% of moisture and 12% of ash content and some amount of nitrogen. Bituminous coal also contains some volatile matter like some hydrocarbons and sulfur etc. it is also known as black coal and soft coal. Some of the properties of bituminous coal are-
-The transportation of bituminous coal is easy.
-the heat value is high.
-the moisture content in bituminous coal is low.
Anthracite coal contains around 94%-98% of carbon. It is the highest ranking coal and it is also known as hard coal. The ash content and smoke content in anthracite coal is very low. It is the best coal which can be used in the metallurgical process.

Some other types of coal are-
Lignite- it is also known as the brown coal because it is brown in color. It is the type of coal which has the least concentration of carbon in it which is around 20%-30%.
Sub-bituminous- this type of coal is black in color but it is not shiny. It has a carbon content less than bituminous coal.
So, the correct answer is “Option B”.

Note: Bituminous coal is used to generate electric power. Sometimes it is also used in production of steel and cement. Anthracite coal is used as domestic fuel, power generation, hand-fired stoves etc. anthracite coal is the highest ranking coal.