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The organ of sound production in birds is,
A) Larynx
B) Syrinx
C) Pharynx
D) Vocal sac

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Hint: The sound-producing organs are also known as sound-box. The vocal cords in the soundbox vibrate when air passes, and produce sound.

Complete Answer:
A) Syrinx also is known as pan-pipes. Syrinx is a bony structure that is found at the base of a bird's trachea or the wind-pipe, and it is the vocal organ of birds.
B) Larynx is the soundbox of humans, while syrinx is the soundbox of birds. Birds also have a larynx, but it does not produce sound as it does in humans.
C) The vocal sac is a characteristic feature of the male frogs, they use it to amplify their voice to call their partners for mating.

So, the syrinx is the correct answer.

Additional information: The larynx is the sound-producing organ in humans. It also forms the air passage to the lungs. The pharynx is the part of the throat in humans behind the mouth and above the larynx. It serves both respiratory and digestive functions. The vocal sac is the organ found in the frogs for the amplification of its voice.

- The pharynx and larynx are found in humans or mammals. The pharynx is a cone-shaped, membrane-lined cavity, present behind the nose.
- It is a part of the alimentary canal. The larynx is a muscular organ, located at the upper portion of the trachea. The larynx is called a vocal box in humans, as it contains the vocal cords. The sound is produced when air passes through the larynx.