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The ocean water current which flows speedily is called _______.
A) Warm current
B) Cold current
C) Stream
D) Drift

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Hint: Generally, ocean currents are the movement of water from one place to another.
It is a body of water with water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel. They are very important to the local ecosystem.

Complete answer:
An ocean current is a consecutive and directed movement of seawater developed by several forces operating upon the water, comprising wind, the Coriolis effect, breaking waves, temperature and salinity differences. They are cohesive streams of seawater that scatter through the ocean.

Warm ocean currents are those currents that flow away from the equatorial region on the western part of ocean basins. For example, The Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic and the Kuroshio Current in the North Pacific are warm currents. This option is not correct.

Cold currents are those currents which flow towards the equator on the eastern side of ocean basins. For example The Canary Current in the North Atlantic, the California Current in the North Pacific and the Benguela Current in the South Atlantic. This option is not correct.

A stream is an ocean water current which flows rapidly within the bed and banks of a channel. The flow of a stream is regulated by surface water, subsurface water and groundwater. There are 3 types of the stream; namely, intermittent, perennial, and ephemeral streams. This option is correct.

Drift refers to all the material which is of glacial origin and found anywhere on land or at sea, including sediment and large rocks. This option is incorrect.

Hence, the correct answer is option ‘C’.

-The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the greatest current system in the world's oceans and the only ocean current connecting all three oceans: the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.
-The Antarctic Circumpolar Current moves clockwise.
-North Pacific Current : A sluggish, warm water current that travels west-to-east from 30 to 50 degrees north in the Pacific Ocean.
-Oyashio Current : A cool subarctic ocean current that flows south and circulates clockwise in the western Pacific Ocean.
-Bolton Strid is the deepest stream in the world.