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The normal body temperature of a human body is \[{{98.4}^{0}}F\]. It’s value on the Celsius scale is?
  & A)\text{ 3}{{\text{2}}^{0}}C \\
 & B)\text{ 3}{{\text{7}}^{0}}C \\
 & C)\text{ 2}{{\text{8}}^{0}}C \\
 & D)\text{ 4}{{\text{8}}^{0}}C \\

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Hint: We can convert between the different scales of temperature measurement by using the relationships between them. All the temperature scales are related to each other via mathematical formulae. Let us see the relation between Celsius scale and Fahrenheit scale.
Formula used:
We will use the formula which relates the Fahrenheit scale to the Celsius scale in solving this problem. The conversion formula is as follows –

Complete answer:
The Celsius scale is widely used in measuring the temperature in nature. The Fahrenheit scale is used mainly in living organisms. Both the scales are related to each other by the following equation –
Where, C is the temperature in Celsius scale and F is the temperature in Fahrenheit scale.
We can convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit using the formula derived as –
We can convert from the Fahrenheit scale to Celsius scale using the formula –
Now let us consider the temperature given in the question.
The normal body temperature is \[{{98.4}^{0}}F\]as measured in a Fahrenheit scale. We need to convert this into the Celsius scale using the formula –
Given \[F={{98.4}^{0}}F\],
The temperature in Celsius scale is,
  & C=\dfrac{5}{9}({{98.4}^{0}}-32) \\
 & C=\dfrac{5}{9}\times {{66.4}^{0}} \\
 & \Rightarrow C={{36.89}^{0}}C\approx {{37}^{0}}C \\

The correct answer is option B.

The main three scales of temperature measurement are Celsius scale, The absolute or Kelvin scale and the Fahrenheit scale. Of which Celsius scale is used in common day to day references, Kelvin scale is used in scientific aspects and Fahrenheit scale is used in medical sciences.