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The Neem campaign was initiated in:
(a) 1992
(b) 1993
(c) 2000
(d) 2001

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Hint:The first World Neem Conference took place in 1993.

Complete answer:The Neem campaign was originally initiated in the year 1993. The Neem Foundation is an independent Indian, non-profit organization. It was established in 1993. It is supported by leading scientists and environmentalists to engage in Neem related research.
The Neem Foundation is also an important forum for individuals and international institutions. It is involved in the ‘Neem movements’ of several countries. Later on, a modified campaign of the foundation was initiated: ‘Greening India with Neem’. It started in 2005. It was a national level campaign which aimed to plant about 10 Crores of Neem trees across the Indian landscape.
Now a question may arise in mind, why Neem plants became so important. In 1996, a study in New Delhi was done which indicated that the Neem tree is one of the most suitable plants which can check the urban pollution in industrial locations.
The study was done by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, India (NEER). They also concluded that Neem has potential to develop green in hot spot areas known to be affected by high levels of air pollution. Moreover, the plant also holds capacity to recover even when most of its foliage gets dropped.

Additional information:Neem plant is one of the members of the Mahogany tree family i.e., Meliaceae. It has the scientific name: Azadirachta indica.
The Neem Foundation also manages the national campaign for declaring NEEM as the national Heritage tree of India.
So, the correct answer is B. 1993
Note:The Neem campaign and ‘Greening India with Neem’ are two different campaigns organized by the same foundation.
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