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The most abundant metal on the earth is:

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: We all know that the most abundant element on the earth is oxygen. The abundance of elements in Earth’s crust is estimated with the mass fraction of the element in the earth’s crust, multiplied by the mass of the earth’s crust.

Complete step by step answer:
The percentage abundance of given elements in earth’s crust are:
Iron-$6.3\% $
Gold-$0.0011\% $
Aluminium-$8.1\% $
Copper-$0.0068\% $
From the above values we can say that the most abundant metal on the earth is aluminium. So the answer is C.
Additional Information:- The most abundant non-metal or the most abundant element on the earth is oxygen. The second most abundant element on the earth is silicon. The third most element on the earth is aluminium. In general on earth and in rocky planets, silicon and oxygen are far more common than their cosmic abundance. They combine with each other to form silicate minerals. Iron takes the fourth place among the abundances of elements on earth. Abundance is measured in three ways. They are, by mass fraction, by mole fraction or by volume fraction. Most abundance values are given as mass fractions. Volume fraction is a common abundance measure in mixed gases. The abundance of chemical elements in the universe is dominated by the large amounts of hydrogen and helium which are produced in the Big Bang.

Don’t get confused with the most abundant metal and most abundant element. The most abundant metal is aluminium and the most abundant element or non-metal is oxygen in the earth’s crust.