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What should be the maximum permissible strength of the legislative council of Uttar Pradesh if the strength of legislative assembly of the state is $402$.
D) Does not depend on the strength of the legislative assembly.

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Hint: Its foundation is characterized in Article \[169\] of the Constitution of India. The Indian Constitution gives restricted capacity to the Legislative Council. The Legislative Council can neither represent the deciding moment of a state government. The Legislative Council additionally has no function in the death of Finance Bills. However, a portion of the forces it has is that the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the State Legislative Council appreciate similar status of Cabinet Ministers in the state.

Complete answer:
The Legislative Assembly comprises not in excess of \[500\] individuals and at the very least\[60\]. The greatest state like Uttar Pradesh has \[403\] individuals in its Assembly. States which have little populace and are little in size have an arrangement for having a much lesser number of individuals in the Legislative Assembly. Pondicherry has thirty individuals. Mizoram, Goa has just forty individuals each. Sikkim has \[32\] individuals. All individuals from the Legislative Assembly are chosen based on grown-up establishment, and one part is chosen from one voting public. Similarly as the President has the ability to name two Anglo Indians to the Lok Sabha, comparatively, the Governor likewise has the ability to assign one part from Anglo Indian's people group as he considers fit, on the off chance that he is of the assessment that they are not enough spoken to in the Assembly. The strength of the authoritative chamber would be 1/third of the strength of the administrative gathering. Thus if the administrative gathering has\[\;402\] individuals, the authoritative committee would have \[134\] individuals.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

Note: The size of the State Legislative Council can't be more than \[33\% \]of the enrollment of the State Legislative Assembly. Nonetheless, its size can't be under\[\;40\] individuals. These individuals choose the Chairman of Legislative Council and Deputy Chairman.
MLCs are picked in the accompanying manner:
1.The \[33\% \] are chosen by the individuals from neighborhood bodies, for example, regions, Gram panchayats, Panchayat samitis and area committees.

2.The \[33\% \] are chosen by the individuals from the Legislative Assembly of the State from among the people who are not individuals from the State Legislative Assembly.

3.One sixth are named by the Governor from people having information or pragmatic involvement with fields, for example, writing, science, expressions, the co-usable development and social administrations.