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: The instrument that measures the wind speed in a cyclone is _______
A) Anemometer
B) Barometer
C) Thermometer
D) Ammeter

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Some of the above mentioned instruments are used for measuring both wind speed and wind direction. As the breeze streams over the windmill, the speed and course of the breeze can be estimated with this instrument.

Complete answer:
An anemometer is generally used to quantify wind speed. Wind speed, or wind stream speed, is a basic barometrical amount. Wind speed is brought about via air moving from high strain to low weight, as a rule, because of changes in temperature. Wind speed is currently regularly estimated with an anemometer however can likewise be grouped utilizing the more established Beaufort scale which depends on individuals' perception of explicitly characterized wind impacts.
As the breeze streams over the windmill, the speed and heading of the breeze can be estimated with this instrument. Some logical anemometers utilize the speed of sound to quantify the breeze speed all the more definitely in three measurements. Wind course is constantly given by where the breeze is coming from, with the goal that a west wind is blowing from the west and going towards the east.
The anemometer has changed little since its improvement in the fifteenth century. In after hundreds of years, various others, including Robert Hooke (1635–1703), built up their own renditions, with some being erroneously credited as the designer. In 1846, John Thomas Romney Robinson (1792–1882) refined the arrangement by using four hemispherical cups and mechanical wheels.

An anemometer is a kind of climate instrument that estimates wind speed. A portion of these instruments measure both breeze speed and wind heading. Anemometers are basic at climate stations. A cup anemometer is a sort of instrument that utilizes three or four hemispherical cups mounted on even arms on a vertical pole.