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The important message conveyed by the ‘Chipko Movement’ is
A. To involve the community in the forest conservation efforts
B. To disconnect the community in the forest conservation efforts
C. To cut down forest trees for developmental activities
D. Government agencies have the unquestionable right to order the destruction of trees in a forest.

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Hint: Hundreds of decentralized and locally independent efforts contributed to the Chipko Movement. Its leaders and activists were mostly women from the village, acting to save their livelihoods and their families.

Complete answer:
1. The Chipko movement was a tree survival movement, also known as the Chipko Andolan. It was an environmental movement that took place in the Uttar Pradesh (later Uttarakhand) portion of the northern Himalayas during the \[1970\]s.
2. The Chipko Movement was a nonviolent movement aimed for protecting and stopping the destruction of trees and forests.
3. It offered an indication of the beginning of nonviolent resistance in India, and its popularity ensured that it was immediately recognised by the world. By helping to slow down the accelerated deforestation, reveal vested interests, raise ecological consciousness, and show the efficacy of people's power, it motivated many more eco-groups.
4. The campaign got its name from the term 'embrace or hug' and in order to save the trees from being unlawfully cut down, hundreds of nature lovers did that.
5. The campaign was especially led by women in India and aimed at saving trees and forests slated for government-backed logging. The event influenced many other rural women who started similar protests in various parts of India in the \[1970\]s. It's very interesting that women of that age were more mindful of the value of trees. Rural women in India have been deeply participating in the deforestation campaign and its effects.

Hence the correct answer is option A.

Additional information:
All that you need to hear about the Chipko Movement:
1. The Chipko movement’s motto, "Ecology is a permanent economy," was coined by Sunderlal Bahuguna.
2. On the news of dam building, the establishment of factories or roads, Chipko Andolan started to save nature from being mercilessly demolished.
3. The initial trend in Rajasthan dates back to the \[18\]th century when people from the Bishnoi group opposed deforestation by welcoming them. Amrita Devi led the campaign, and \[383\] individuals from \[84\] villages dedicated their lives to defend a community of Kehri trees.
4. Sunderlal Bahuguna took part in the Chipko Andolan along with Dhoom Singh Negi, Bachni Devi and Chandi Prasad Bhatt.
5. The campaign got its name from the term 'embrace or hug' and that's what hundreds of lovers of nature did to save the trees from being cut down unlawfully.

The Chipko movement's main influence was that it encouraged the government of the Union to amend the Indian Forest Act, \[1927\], and adopted the \[1980\] Forest Protection Act, which specifies that forest land should not be used for non-forest purposes.