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The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls of Venezuela in _____________.
A) North America
B) South America
C) Africa
D) Asia

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A vertical drop where water flows in the course of a river or stream is called a waterfall. The Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall where water drops from the height of 979 meters. The fall is 150 meters wide at the base. The fall is situated in Venezuela which borders Colombia and Guyana near the Atlantic Ocean.

Complete Answer:
The Angel Falls also named Kerepakupai Meru which means “waterfall of the deepest place” is the world’s highest waterfall located in Venezuela. Venezuela is a country which is located in northern South America. It borders Colombia and Guyana near the Atlantic Ocean.
The Angel Falls is so vast that a visitor can feel the pouring of water drops at a distance of one kilometer. It is nestled deep in the Canaima National Park in the state of Bolivar. The water falls from the top of Auyantepui. The Angel Falls is 19 times bigger in height than Niagra Falls. Also, it is 10 times taller than Iguazu Falls in South America. The Angel Falls is named after an American Pilot named Jimmy Angel who landed first on the top of Auyantepui in 1937. He was in search of gold but ended it with an unusual tale.
The fall makes a top tourist attraction in Venezuela. The trips take place generally from June to December.

Hence, we can conclude from the above discussion that the right answer is option B.

The Angel Falls is known to be formed 130 million years ago. It is surrounded by massive jungles and shrouded in clouds. This scenic view gives a prehistoric age feel to viewers. The Lost World novel by Sir Arthur Conan was also inspired by the magic of Angel Falls in 1912.