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The functional unit of gene is:
a. Muton
b. Recon
c. Cistron
d. Codon

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Hint: The rudimentary physical functional and physical unit of inheritance is called a gene. DNA makeup Genes. Some genes act as commands to make particles called proteins.

Complete answer:.
A Cistron is the functional unit of the gene. And the cistron is a gene. The Cistron is also the functional unit of the DNA which translates for the transformation.
The term cistron is made use to accentuate that the genetic factor, gene parade a detailed behavior in a cis-trans test, distinct locations, or loci inside a genome of a person which are called as cistronic.
A cistron is defined as a section of genetic material (DNA or RNA) that scrambles for the foundation of an explicit chain made of the polypeptide; and organizational gene. And thus, it is called a functional unit of a gene.
The region of cistron in the DNA consists of codons that help in the synthesis of proteins by the procedure of translation. The mRNA which codes for the sole polypeptide is known as monocistronic.

Hence, Option (C) is correct.

Note: The term “muton” is a unit of mutation and the term “recon” is a unit of recombination.
The Recons are the locations within a gene which take part in recombination. There is a minutest distance among recons inside a gene, and re-amalgamation cannot ensue within a recon.
Within a gene, they are elements that can experience a transformation and lead to the production of the mutant phenotype. Several mutons consist of Each recon within them, and many mutons within a recon may stay linked because of recombination.