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The function of the pineal body is to.
A. Lighten the skin color
B. Control of sexual behavior
C. Regulate the period of puberty
D. All of these

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Hint: Pineal body is a really small, reddish-grey, vascular, conical, solid body located within the brain. It secretes a hormone named melatonin. The hormone melatonin carries out many basic functions in a healthy human being.

Complete answer: The pineal body develops from the roof of the diencephalon, a neighborhood of the brain, and is found behind the third cerebral ventricle within the brain. Melatonin is best known for regulating the sleep cycle in animals; the sleep cycle is technically known as circadian rhythms.
The pattern of melatonin secretion from the pineal body highly influences the neural as well as endocrine monitoring of sexual maturation as well as regulates the period of puberty. Melatonin concentrates pigment granules within the melanocytes, making the complexion lighter in certain animals.
It also regulates the functioning of gonads in both males and females.

So, the correct answer is option D. All of these.

Note: The pineal body also plays a role in the regulation of fertility rates in humans. Research has found that the hormone melatonin also helps in protecting the body against certain cardiovascular disorders such as atherosclerosis and hypertension.