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The function of hair follicles inside the nose is
A. To control the amount of air being inhaled.
B. To moisten the air.
C. To detect the presence of oxygen in the air.
D. To trap germs and dust particles in the air.

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: Our body is susceptible to acquire germs from the environment. As a way of providing protection, many physical barriers are present in animals. The nasal hair is an extremely important part of the respiratory tract in that sense.

Complete answer: Nasal hair or nose hair is the hair follicles located within the nasal membrane. Nasal hair functions by effectively filtering foreign particles such as pollen and other allergens from entering the nasal opening.
In support of the primary function, increased nasal hair density decreases the event of asthma in those that have seasonal rhinitis. The skin of the nasal chamber contains a fine amount of small hairs.
These are liable for trapping the dust particle and germs that are inhaled with the air. The mucus also performs the trapping of dust and germs due to its richness in mucins and due water-absorbing capacity, it also moistens the air. It is advised to inhale via the nose and not through the mouth because the mouth cavity cannot perform the trapping of germs and unwanted particles.

So, the correct answer is option A. To trap germs and dust particles in the air.

Note: It is extremely important to notice that the nasal hair is different from the cilia of the ciliated lining of the cavity. These cilia are microtubular-based structures that are found within the tract, involved within the mucociliary clearance mechanism.