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The following table shows the area of the land on which different crops were grown.

 CropArea of land (in million hectares) 
Pulses 20

Prepare a pictograph by choosing a suitable symbol to represent 10 million hectares.

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Hint: Here in this question, we have to construct the pictograph. Given the frequency of data of area of the land on which different crops were grown in million hectares, while using any symbols or images that are relevant to the given data we can draw a required pictograph.

Complete step-by-step solution:
In graph theory , a pictograph is a graph that shows numerical information by using picture symbols or icons to represent data sets. The advantage of using a pictograph is that it is easy to read.
Now consider the given table shows the area of the land in million hectares on which different crops were grown.
The symbol or image
seo images

The pictograph representation of the area of land on which different crops were grown are:
seo images

Note: The represent or reading a pictograph is made extremely easy as well as compare to the other graphs, because Express a large amount of information or data in a simple form, Since they make the use of symbols, pictographs attract attention i.e., it is an attractive way to represent data, Pictographs are easy to read since all the information is available at one glance and since pictographs are universally used they do not require a lot of explanation.