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The following are the details or the number of students in a class of 30 students present during a week.
seo images

Represent the above data by a pictograph.

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Hint: Here we will use the basic concept of the pictograph to represent the data given in the table. As the number of students in the data is too high, we will assume 1 picture equivalent to some number of students. So we will form the pictograph for each day in the form of the pictures which will represent the data.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We will assume that this picture
seo images
is equivalent to the two students. The number of students given is even for all the days. So this will make the data representation easy and simple.
seo images
=2 students
So, firstly we will draw the pictograph for the day Monday. As one picture is equal to the two students then there will be 12 pictures for the 24 students. Therefore, we get
Pictograph for the Monday is
seo images

Similarly we will find this for all the days and plot it in a table, we get
seo images

Hence, this is the pictograph for all the days given in the data table.

Note: We should know that the pictograph is the graph in which the data is represented in the forms of the pictures. This is generally used in the earliest form of the representation or writing of data. The picture represents the quantity of the data like we assumed in our answer that the picture is equal to the student. In the large number of data we allot the multiple data to a single picture. It is the simplest form of data representation.