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The first step introduced to unify Germany was______
A. Diet
B.Military alliances

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Hint: The unification of Germany took place on 18th January 1871. There were strong natioalist sentiments working in the hearts of middle class Germans. In 1848 the people gathered together in making Germany a unified nation. This was suppressed by military forces and the monarchy.

Complete answer: Prussia became the leader in the process of unification of Germany. The Chief Minister of Prussia Otto von Bismarck initiated the process of unification with the help of Prussian army and the Bureaucracy. The Congress of Vienna led to major outcomes. It resulted in the creation of German Confederation which involved 39 German speaking nations to coordinate their economies. The first step introduced to unify Germany was Zollverein in 1834.Zollverein was an alliance formed in order to manage tariffs and economies within their territories. This was formed during the German Confederation. Zollverein was established under the leadership of Prussia. This made Germany mostly a free trade zone. This policy received a great impetus. The Zollverein was the first example in history that formulated trade policies without the formation of political union of any kind. The main driver behind Zollervein was Prussia. Austria was excluded from Zollerverein because of its extremely protected industries.

Option C is the correct answer.

Note: The idea of Zollverein was popularized by Friedrich List.The aim of Zollverein was to gather the German states into one. It played a major role in arousing nationalist sentiments among the Germans through various interests.