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The first National Commission for scheduled castes was constituted on 2004 with __________ as the chairperson?
A. Suraj Bhan
B. Jaydev Bhaskar
C. Anu Kakodkar
D. B.N. Shrikrushna

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Hint:The headquarter of the Commission is in New Delhi.
It was found on 19th February 2004, i.e. 16 years ago.
The Commission was formulated with a view to protect the scheduled castes.

Complete answer:
In the year 1978 August, the first Commission in respect of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes was set up by Bhola Paswan Shastri as the Chairman. The main motive of this body was to advise the government in matters relating to development of Scheduled Castes and Tribes. Another commission was constituted in the year 1992 in which S.H. Ramdhan was the Chairman. In 1995 also a commission was set up under the Chairmanship of H. Hanumanthappa. In 1998 a commission regarding the same was set up under the chairmanship of Dileep Singh Bhuria. The second last commission was set up in the year 2002 in which Dr. Bizay Sonkar Shastri was the Chairperson.
In 2004, the first National Commission was established under the chairmanship of Suraj Bhan. In May 2007, the second National Commission was established with Buta Singh as the Chairperson. The third and fourth National Commission was set up in the year 2010 October and 2013 respectively with P.L. Punia as its Chairperson. The latest National Commission was set up in the year 2017 with Ram Shankar Katheria as its Chairman and L. Murugan as its Vice- Chairman.

Therefore, the correct answer is Option A, i.e. Suraj Bhan.

Note:Some of the main functions of the Commission were-
To ensure the safety of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes under the provisions of any law.
To provide them the opportunity of participating in the decision making process.
To keep in mind and focus on their complaints raised.