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The District Judge and the Additional District Judge are appointed by the__________ in consultation with the Judges of the High Court of the concerned State.
C.Chief Justice of India
D.Divisional Commissioner

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Hint:We have to remember that the District Tribunal is governed by a District Magistrate. In addition to the District Arbitrator, there may be many more District Magistrates and Assistant District Judges depending on the workload. The Additional District Judge and the Judiciary presided have identical jurisdiction as the District Arbitrator and his District Tribunal. Nonetheless, the District Magistrate has supervisory maintenance over Auxiliary and Assistant District Magistrates.

Complete answer:
We must remember that the District and Trial Judge is frequently cited as "District Judge" when ruling over civic concerns and "Sessions Judge" when commanding illegal issues. The Magistrates of Associate Tribunals are nominated by the Governor in consultation with the Chief Justice of the High Court of the concerned Government.A minimum of seven years of practice as an Advocate at the Court is a crucial credential for direct admission level to serve a District Arbitrator upon a written analysis and verbal interview by a Council of High Court Magistrates, the nomination of District Judges is informed by the State Government. This is interpreted as direct recruitment.The three fundamental purposes of the Judiciary structure are norm enforcement, conflict processing, and strategy making.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B).

Note:As we know that being the elevated Magistrate at the district grade, the District Arbitrator also relishes the strength to govern the State budgets allocated for the advancement of Tribunal in the District.The successive phase of ascendancy for a District Magistrate who fulfilled a sufficient number of years is the position of High Tribunal Magistrate. A District Arbitrator or Additional Magistrate may be eliminated from his department. It can be executed by the Governor on confirmation from the High Court Collegium.