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The depositional feature of a glacier is____________.
B. Moraine
C. Flood Plain
D. None of these

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Hint: Glaciers are often referred to as “rivers of ice.” They are significant indicators of global warming and climate change.

Complete answer: Looking at the above options :
Option A: Beaches are the result of erosion of rock or coral reefs near the rim of the ocean. The particles that comprise beaches may travel from many miles in order to reach the beach. This option is not correct.
Option B: Moraines comprise of sediments, rocks, debris, dirt and more which are transmitted by the glaciers when moves down the mountains slowly. It is generally, the material left behind by a moving glacier. Hence, it is the depositional feature of glacier. This option is correct.
Option C: Floodplains are the result of both erosion and deposition. They are significant because of safety of water quality and recharge of groundwater. Healthy floodplains act as natural flood protecting agents. This option is not correct.
Option D: This option stands invalid with respect to the above options.

Hence, the correct option is 'B'.

Note: - Moraines are of four types; lateral , medial , supraglacial and terminal moraines.
- The most common type of moraines are ground moraines. They can be found in every continent.
- The largest glacier in the world is Lambert-Fisher Glacier. It is located in Antarctica.