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The cost of \[4kg\]of rice is 90, then how much rice can be purchase with \[Rs247.50?(3m)\]

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Hint:How to solve such type of problems,
First, we try to find out the cost of one thing.
It can be done by the operation of division
Cost of one thing \[ = \dfrac{{total\cos t\,of\,thing}}{{Number\,of\,thing}}\]
Then for finding a number of such things that can be purchased is calculated by
Number of things \[ = Total\,money \times \dfrac{1}{{\operatorname{Cos} t\,of\,one\,thing}}\]
The result, at last, we, get a number of things

Cost price: - The amount paid to purchase an article or the price at which an article is made is known as its cost price. The cost price is abbreviated as C.P.
Selling price: - The prince at which an article is sold is known as its selling price the selling price is abbreviated as S.P.
Loss: - If the selling price (S.P) of an article is less than that of the cost price (CP) the difference between the cost price (CP) and the selling price (SP) is called loss. Thus if \[SP < CP\]

Complete step by step answer:
The cost of \[4kg\] of rice \[ = Rs90\]
The cost of \[1kg\] of rice \[ = \dfrac{{90}}{4} = 22.5\]Rs
Now total money in which how much of rice can be purchased
\[ = \dfrac{1}{{22.5}} \times 247.50 = 11kg\]
So, required \[11kg\] rice can be purchase from \[Rs247.50\]

Only those digits with the same units can be divided with each other.
Cost price is the price that is in cured to produces a product or provide a service to the buyer