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What will be the cost of 119 sarees, if the cost of 6 sarees is Rs.1080?

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Hint – In order to solve this problem first find the cost of 1 saree with the help of cost provided. Then find the cost of 119 sarees. Doing this will give you the right answer.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The cost of 6 sarees is Rs.1080 (Given)
Then the cost of 1 saree is ${\text{Rs}}{\text{.}}\dfrac{{{\text{1080}}}}{{\text{6}}}{\text{ = Rs}}{\text{.180}}$
Then the cost of 119 saree is ${\text{119 x 180 = Rs}}{\text{.21420}}$.
So, the cost of 119 sarees is Rs.21420.

Note – Whenever you solve such types of problems you have to calculate the cost for one item with the help of the given cost of n number of items then you have to calculate the cost for the number of items asked by multiplying the number of items with the cost of one item.
Last updated date: 02nd Oct 2023
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