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The correct meaning of the Lok Sabha is _____
A. Special People House
B. Opposition Parties House
C. House of the Ruling Party
D. Lower House of the Parliament

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Hint:1. Lok Sabha is also called the House of the People.
2. It is a temporary house and gets dissolved after every five years or even before five years if the President wishes so.

Complete answer:
The Parliament of India is an example of Bicameralism as the legislature. A Bicameral legislature has two assemblies of legislators. In India, the Lok Sabha is the Lower House of the Parliament and the Rajya Sabha is the Upper House of the Parliament.
The Members of the Lok Sabha are elected by the Universal Adult Franchise, which is a system for a member to be elected by the citizens of his/her constituencies. The representatives hold their seats for a term of five years. This assembly can also be dissolved before the completion of its five-year term, by the President of India. However, during an emergency this period can be extended by law.
Initially in 1950, there were 500 seats. As the population of the country increases, the number of representatives also increases in the Lok Sabha. There are 543 seats in the Lok Sabha currently. There are 131 reserved seats in the Lok Sabha. 84 seats for the Scheduled Castes and 47 for Scheduled Tribes.
A period of the year when the House meets is called ‘Session’. As per the Constitution there must not be a gap of more than six months between two sessions i.e. the House has to meet at least twice a year. Normally, there are three sessions of the Lok Sabha:
Budget Session (February to May)
Monsoon Session (July to September)
Winter Session (November to December)

Thus, the correct answer is Option (D) Lower House of the Parliament.

Note:1. From 1952 to 2020, two additional members belonging to the Anglo-Indian community were nominated by the President of India.
2. After the 104th Constitutional Amendment Act, 2019, this nomination was abolished in January 2020.