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The coefficient of thermal conductivity depends upon?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: As we know that thermal conductivity or the coefficient of thermal conductivity is the measuring quantity that tells us the ability of a material to transfer heat through them. Here we have to tell the factor which influences the coefficient of thermal conductivity.

Complete answer:
Let us discuss about thermal conductivity followed by the factor that influence it as follows:-
-Thermal conductivity: It is the property of the material which gives information regarding its ability to conduct heat. The value of thermal conductivity varies from material to material.
-The transfer of heat occurs at a lower rate in materials of lower thermal conductivity as compared to the materials of high thermal conductivity. Like metals generally have high thermal conductivity and hence they are very efficient at conducting heat whereas insulators have low thermal conductivity and hence are inefficient at conducting heat.
-Coefficient of thermal conductivity is denoted by ‘k’. This is the physical property of the material and hence temperature would not affect it.
-Also the thickness of the material and its length would have no role in affecting it as it will remain same throughout the material whether it is long, short, thick or thin.
-From the above data we can conclude that the coefficient of thermal conductivity depends upon the type of material rather than its temperature, shape or size.

-Remember that for every substance or material, there is a particular value of coefficient of thermal conductivity and it will remain the same throughout the material.
-Also electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are almost similar as first one measures the transfer of charge and later measures the transfer of heat.