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The cell organelle involved in forming complex sugars from simple sugars is __________
(A) Endoplasmic reticulum
(B) Ribosomes
(C) Plastids
(D) Golgi apparatus

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Hint: This organelle was named after the scientist who discovered it Camillo Golgi, an Italian biologist. They have been observed in both plant and animal cells’ cytoplasm.

Complete answer:Its anatomy includes huge folds and stacks of membrane-bound structures which are better known as cisternae. It plays a role in packaging proteins and simple sugars into membrane-bound vesicles within the cell and ultimately transfers these vesicles to their target location. It is similar to the Endoplasmic reticulum in terms of this task.
The Golgi apparatus gathers simple basic raw molecules and transforms them to make molecules which happen to be more complex than the initial raw materials.

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Thus, the correct answer is D. Golgi apparatus.

Note: The generalized Golgi apparatus is just like a mailroom in an office building. This is the most generalized analogy used for better understanding of the cell organelle.