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The botanical name of jowar and rice respectively are
A) Triticum aestivum and Sorghum vulgare
B) Oryza sativa and Pennisetum typhoides
C) Sorghum vulgare and Oryza sativa
D) Oryza sativa and Sorghum vulgare

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Hint: Oryza sativa is a species which also comes under the Poaceae family, like jowar.
sorghum is the genus having several species and subspecies and Sorghum vulgare is one of the species that come under the family Poaceae i.e. grass family.

Complete answer: The scientific name of Jowar is Sorghum vulgare. It is a monocotyledonous plant cultivated for its grain for human consumption. It is generally cultivated in warm areas. It is widely used for its nutritious value worldwide.

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Oryza sativa is the scientific name of rice. It is generally used as staple food worldwide. It is an annual plant. it is the most important grain consumed by half of the world population. It is native to the tropics and subtropics of Southeast Asia rice.
Now, it is cultivated in many countries throughout the world with favorable climatic conditions.

Thus, the correct answer is Sorghum vulgare and Oryza sativa for Jowar and Rice respectively

Note: Sorghum vulgare and Oryza sativa both species come under family Poaceae, the family of grass. Both species are cultivated for their grain and consumed for their nutrients.