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The basement membrane is made up of
A. Epidermal cell only
B. Endodermal cell
C. No cell product of epithelial cell
D. Both (a) and (b)

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Hint: The basement membrane is a thin membrane supporting the cells of an epithelium and separating them from the underlying tissue. It consists of mucopolysaccharide and very fine fibrous proteins.

Complete answer: The basement membrane is a thin, fibrous matrix of tissue. It is present outside cells, i.e. extracellular. It separates the epithelium, mesothelium, and endothelium from the underlying connective tissue layers.
The framework of collagen fibrils builds up this membrane. Mucopolysaccharides and laminins are the proteins that bind the basement membrane to the neighboring cells by CAM (cell adhesion molecules).

So, the correct option is C. No cell product of the epithelial cell.

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Note: The membrane forms by the fusion of two laminae, viz. basal lamina, and reticular lamina. Reticular lamina is attached to the basal lamina by collagen VII anchoring fibrils and fibrillins.
The basal lamina is sometimes used synonymously with the basement membrane, but the above two laminas together form the basement membrane.