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Tell me 10 Slogans in Conservation and Wild Life

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Wildlife includes flora and fauna, that is, plants, animals and micro-organisms that are not domesticated by humans. On the other hand, conservation is the preservation and protection of wild plants, animals and their habitats. Therefore, we can say that wildlife conservation is necessary to recognize the importance of nature and other wildlife.      


Wildlife conservation is important to protect endangered plants and animal species as well as their natural habitat. The main concern is to preserve habitats so that future generations of wildlife and even humans can enjoy them. 

The killing of wild animals and large-scale birds by humans is a serious threat to the survival of wildlife. This disrupts the food chain and also the ecosystem. We can better understand using an example; Snake as a wild animal is in great demand for making fancy leather products, snake skin is selling at a high price in the market. To make money easily, some people indiscriminately kill snakes in large numbers. This slaughter of snakes disrupts the food chain and creates an imbalance in nature. Do you know that the snake is a friend of the farmer because he eats rats like vermin, mice that are harmful and damage crops? So, it is very important to conserve wildlife to maintain the ecological balance in nature and also for preservation. The measures to be taken for the conservation of the fauna are:        

1. Some of the laws should be made to prohibit the killing or capture of endangered animals or birds. This should be considered a punishable offense. These laws should be strictly enforced and should not remain on paper only.   

2. The indiscriminate killing of wild birds and animals, be they in abundance, should not be allowed by the forest authorities.  

3. The largest number of national parks and sanctuaries should be established to preserve the natural habitats of wild animals and birds throughout the country.  

4. The government ministry should conduct a periodic survey in all the forests concerning the conservation of fauna. They should have knowledge of the population of all species of wild animals and birds, so that they can be helped during the time of floods and famines.   

5 Special attention should be given even by us to the conservation of endangered species of wild animals and birds to prevent their extinction altogether.

6. Unauthorized cutting of forest trees for firewood and firewood should be stopped immediately. Because the depletion of forests destroys the natural habitat of wild animals and birds. 

7. In the case of government authorization for the felling of trees for each acre of forest, then the equal area of land should be planted with shrubs of trees to make up for the long-term loss.  

8. We all have a duty to plant trees close to our environment and to motivate others to do the same.  

9. Breeding programs for endangered species should be organized.

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