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Tea is an important beverage crop introduced in India initially by the _______.
A. Portugese
B. French
C. British
D. German
E. None of these

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: Beverage plants are those which provide a liquid different from water. These crops, for example, give us our everyday needs for beverages such as juice, coffee, tea etc. This are referred to as beverage crops because the plants are the raw material for this.

Complete answer:
The word beverage comes from the old French word boivre or the modern French word boire, which means a drink.
The most common caffeine drink in the world is tea (camellia sinensis), native to Assam India and China. The dry leaves are prepared. It was initially only valued for medicinal properties in China, but it was the main beverage since the 5th century. 'tea:' comes from the term 'te' used in the Chinese dialect rather than the more universal 'ca.' The word 'tea:' About 1,000 A.D. came to Tea in Japan. In the 16th century it was known in Europe, but it was not commonly used until the 17th century (Hill 1952).
Though London is the world's big tea market, England was only famous for its tea drinks during the 19th century. In tropical or hot temperate areas, tea grows best. The plant's nature and the cultivation methods differ according to the region.

Option A. Portuguese - They introduced crops like Cashew Nuts, Papaya, Black paper, Potato etc but not Tea initially. Therefore, this option is incorrect.

Option B. French - They traded cotton, silk, indigo, tea etc through French East India Company but did not introduce tea in India Therefore, this option is incorrect.

Option C. British - The British initially introduced commercial tea production in India in an effort to overcome the Chinese tea monopoly. Therefore, this option is correct.

Option D. German - India imports chemicals, metals, plastics etc from Germany. But Germans never introduced tea in India. Therefore, this option is incorrect.

Option E. None of these - This option is incorrect. Because tea was not produced in India initially.

Therefore, from the above discussion we can state that the correct option is C. British.
“Tea is an important beverage crop introduced in India initially by the British .”

Note: More than half the world's population currently uses coffee that has its roots in areas similar to South-west Asia. About half the world's population uses tea which is synonymous with South-East Asia. Cocoa is a tropical American plant, which is now used by many worldwide as food and drink booths.