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Syngas is a mixture of ?
(A) \[C{O_2} + {H_2}\]
(B) \[CO + {H_2}\]
(C) \[CO + C{O_2}\]
(D) \[CO + {O_2}\]

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Hint: One of the constituents of syngas is highly combustible and colorless diatomic gas. The other constituent gas has a bond order of 3 between its atoms and also is colorless. Syngas is used in synthesis of some compounds.

Complete answer:
Let’s know something about syngas.
- Syngas is also called synthetic gas.
- Syngas is a type of a fuel gas which is a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. Carbon dioxide is present in syngas in trace amounts.
- It is given name-syngas because it is used as an intermediate in the production of synthetic natural gas (SNG) and in production of ammonia and methanol.
-The mixture of \[C{O_2} + {H_2}\] is called Carbogen. It is also called Meduna’s mixture. So, option (A) is not correct.
- The mixture of \[CO + C{O_2}\] and \[CO + {O_2}\] does not have any specific name given. So, option (C) and (D) are also not correct.
- Thus the mixture of \[CO + {H_2}\] is called syngas.

So, the correct answer is “Option (B) \[CO + {H_2}\]”.

Additional Information:

Let’s see some applications of syngas.
- Main application of syngas is generation of electricity.
- As syngas is combustible, it can be used as a fuel for internal combustion engines.
- Syngas is used to reduce iron ore to sponge iron. So, it has uses in extraction of metals from its ores also.
- Diesel can be obtained from syngas.


Do not get confused between Carbogen and syngas as carbongen is a mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas while syngas is mixture of carbon monoxide with hydrogen gas. Do not forget that syngas is not a particular gas but it is a mixture of gases.
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