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Sushma bought a saree from the mall. She paid Rs.2640 for it. When she came home she measured the length of the saree, she found that the saree was half meter less in length then what the shopkeeper had told her. She found that she is at a loss of Rs.220 because of this. What is the length of the saree she bought home?

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Hint: Sushma had a loss of 220 meters because the saree is half meter less than what she thought. So half a meter of saree caused her that loss.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Let ‘x’ meters be the length of the saree that the shopkeeper told to Sushma.
Then the length of the saree that she bought home = $x - \dfrac{1}{2}\;meters$.

From the given information, we can found that
The cost of half meter of that saree = Rs.220
Let’s find the cost of one meter of saree, to find the total length of saree.

Then cost of one meter of saree = $Rs.220 \times 2 = Rs.440$

Total cost of saree will be equal to 440x.

The total amount that she paid for ‘x’ meter saree = Rs.2640
$$ \Rightarrow 440x = 2640$$
Finding the total length of the saree = $\dfrac{{Total\;\cos t}}{{\operatorname{Cos} t\;per\;meter}}$
$$ \Rightarrow $$ The length of saree x = $$\dfrac{{2640}}{{440}} = 6$$

Therefore, the length of saree that the shopkeeper told is 6 meters.

$$ \Rightarrow x - \dfrac{1}{2} = 6 - \dfrac{1}{2} = \dfrac{{11}}{2} = 5.5$$ meters.

$$\therefore $$ The length of saree that Sushma bought home is 5.5 meters.

Note: We need to clearly understand the logic in the given question. Here the logic in this question is the cost of half meter of the saree is Rs.220. We know the total price of saree. Then we easily found the length of the saree.