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Surapura is in the _______________ district of Karnataka.
A. Dakshina Kannada
B. Uttara Kannada
C. Yadagiri
D. Udipi

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Surapura is situated between the rivers of Bheema and Krishna and twelve Nayakas ruled the district in Karnataka. Venkatappa Nayaka was a famous and last ruler of the Shorapur/Surapura Nayak Dynasty. He refused to recognize the British East India Company's authority and waged a war against them.

Complete answer:
Surapura is also called as Shorapur, this land is of the famous prince who was the young rebel freedom fighter against the British rule. This prince was Raja Venkatappa Nayaka of Surapura Asthana. Surapura is known for the temple of Shree Venugopala.

Surapura is the place in the Yadagiri district. From the year 1637 to 1858 CE it was ruled by the twelve Nayaks and Gaddipidda Nayaka was the founder of the dynasty. The ancestors of Gaddipidda Nayaka were in the Vijayanagara army. After the fall of the Vijayanagara Empire, they were among the scattered groups. They started to rule from the Vaginageri after they got the official permission from the Vijayapura Adilshahis. After constructing this place, Peethambari Baharipidda Nayaka made Surapura as his capital. He ruled from 1687 CE to 1726 CE. Later, Surapura came under the control of Hyderabad in accordance with the agreement made between the British and the Hyderabad Nizam.

Therefore, the correct answer is C

Farming is the major occupation of the people in and around Surapura. This place is the largest producer of pulses, paddy and cotton. The major tourist attractions were the Taylor manzil, fort, Jain temple and Devar Baavi. In 2001, the population of Surapura was 43,591.